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Mason Jar Cookery

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By Cara Cannella
Mason Jar Cookery

'Tis the season when life gets busy. Real busy, with carpool, school projects, soccer games, holiday prep, book club, and end-of-year work deadlines jamming the calendar. Amid this flurry of activity, how to prepare healthy meals that look and taste great and can be enjoyed on-the-go?

Enter your friend Ms. Mason Jar, the classic wide-mouthed glass vessel with an airtight screw top. Maybe you were first introduced to her by a grandma or an aunt who relied on her to preserve summer's bounty. Now you see her everywhere, from craft cocktail bars to Pinterest to big-box stores. Sometimes she lines an entire aisle, dressed in shimmering limited-edition shades of green, blue, and violet.

She's a keeper: portable and reusable (i.e. eco-friendly) with timeless appeal. Hard-working, effortlessly beautiful, and readily available, she's that friend you've always wanted. And best of all? You can buy her in bulk and impress friends and family with thoughtful and unforgettable D.I.Y. gifts. 


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Here are four recipes that can be adapted for Ms. Mason Jar to maximize her form and function. Let her carry you through a full day and inspire you for the next.


Layer this Nutty, Spiced Granola with Greek yogurt, chopped fruit, and drizzled honey. For an added burst of flavor, add lemon or lime zest and get your day off to a wholesome start.


Packed with nutrition, with a perfect balance of sweet-savory-spicy, this Autumn Butternut and Kale Salad with Maple Vinaigrette will be a regular in your mason jar rotation. Use a half-pint jar to mix and transport its Maple Dijon Vinaigrette.


At the end of a long day, we all crave a little comfort food, and presenting Beef and Salsa Burritos in a mason jar helps with portion control. For a healthy twist, substitute brown rice for the tortillas and layer it up.


Easy, impressive, exotic, and portable? This Spiced Panna Cotta with Orange Raspberry Sauce is a dream come true. Fall asleep to visions of sweet morning muffins topped with a little something tart, this dessert is light and luscious.

Cara Cannella is a writer, editor, and teacher in New York City. She has worked as research editor for Bon Appétit and writes regularly about entrepreneurship for American Express OPEN Forum. She has an MFA in creative writing from The New School and teaches writing at Fashion Institute of Technology. 

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