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Tricking Taste Buds on April Foods' Day

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By: Anne Delatte
Tricking Taste Buds on April Foods' Day

April Fools' Day is upon us, and the wise know to be extra watchful on this day of pranks. While food has has always been a focus of April 1 jokesters — think of those toothpaste sandwich cookies or sugar in the salt shaker — a true "artist's" efforts should result in a surprise that makes you say “yum" instead of “yuck."

Kids in particular love foolish foods, but pranksters of all ages will get a kick out of a good “gotcha" recipe — for the joke as well as the taste. With the help of some Spice Islands® ingenuity, you can bring some light hearted mischief into your own kitchen. Consider it April Foods' Day, the perfect time to show off your wit and creativity in putting together dishes to fool the eye and the tongue. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Classic Dirt Pie

The dirt pie is a perennial April Fools' favorite, but to the taste buds it never gets old. Transforming childhood's inedible mud pie into a delicious reality is easy with a tweak of Spice Islands® Chocolate Mousse Pie. Simply top off your creation with a generous layer of crushed chocolate cookies and a drizzle of melted chocolate or chocolate syrup to really muddy things up — best served garnished with a handful of squiggly gummy worms, of course. You can present it in a larger pie dish or in individual plastic cups with cookie crumbles at the bottom for super-easy single-serve.

Fruit Pizza

Does April bring a bumper crop of fruit to your area? Then this lightly sweet Spice Islands® recipe might be just the trick. No one will pass up a good slice of pizza, but they might be surprised to find cream cheese in place of mozzarella and glazed strawberries swapped out for pepperoni. Easy Fruit Pizza is also a great choice for an afternoon snack or for freshening up the dessert menu for spring.



French Fries Are Sweet

These “French fries" made from Spice Islands® Ginger Pound Cake are just as addictive as the salty counterparts they're imitating. The difference? They tickle your sweet tooth instead. Bonus: They're baked instead of fried. Slice a loaf of pound cake into quarter inch square strips a few inches long, about the size of fries, coat with nonstick spray, and bake at 350 degrees for a few minutes until browned on all sides. Serve with raspberry jam as “ketchup."

Do the Mashed Potato... for "Dessert"

Just when they thought they were safe, it's time to serve up dessert. Or is it? Switch it around and swap up the savory for the sweet with mashed potato “ice cream sundaes." Use a scoop to dish out a couple of deceptively ice cream-style mounds of potatoes into a sundae glass or ice cream dish. Don't forget a generous drizzle of gravy “syrup" on the top to complete the picture! With Spice Islands® Refrigerator Mashed Potatoes, this is also an easy one to make ahead and whip out at the last minute.

Spicy Lemonade

Ah, lemonade. Refreshing, sweet, tangy and... spicy? A pitcher of Spicy Gin Lemonade will turn up the heat with a twist on the classic warm weather favorite. For adults only, of course, but it's easy to omit the gin for a younger audience. And what better time to break out a cool pitcher of lemonade than the start of April? As the temperatures start to rise, this one is sure to be a favorite at springtime picnics and porch parties everywhere, even if the first sip causes a double take.

Anne Delatte is a freelance writer and blogger. She enjoys covering food, drink, and culture in South Louisiana and beyond and has written for area publications and national sites including and Marriott Travel. Anne lives and writes in New Orleans.

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