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Sugar-n-Spice makes everything nice.

Cinnamon Sugar Adjustable Grinder
Cinnamon Sugar Adjustable Grinder, Crushed

The rich, warm flavor of cinnamon pairs perfectly with the intense sweetness of sugar, enhancing everything from breakfast foods to desserts.

We source the cinnamon in our Spice Islands® cinnamon sugar grinders from the forests of Vietnam, known for its premium cassia cinnamon. Saigon cinnamon is intensely fragrant and sweet with a red-hot-candy-like flavor.

To add the flavor and aroma of freshly ground cinnamon and sugar to your favorite dish, simply push in or pull out the grinder cap to adjust the grind from coarse to fine.

Fun Fact: Ancient spice traders used to craft elaborate tales to keep the sources of their most prized spices a secret. Cinnamon sticks, for instance, were said to come from the nests of giant, predatory birds.

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