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Adds a bright, fresh breeze.

(artemisia dracunculus)
Tarragon, Chopped

There are two main varieties of tarragon: Russian and French. While their flavors are similar, French tarragon tends to have a more pungent flavor and aroma.

We source our Spice Islands® tarragon from the highest-quality French tarragon. Not only is it more pungent, but its deep green color adds a visual spark to recipes.

Tarragon pairs well with chicken, fish and egg dishes. And is a key ingredient in French Béarnaise sauce.

Fun Fact: Tarragon came into use in England in the 16th century. Americans, however, didn’t start using the herb until the 19th century.

Our Tarragon is only tarragon. Spice Islands® spices and herbs don’t contain added sugar, fillers or other ingredients so you get the most authentic flavor every time.

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