Stick With Spice Islands® Cinnamon

Thousands of years ago, cinnamon was so highly prized that it was regarded a precious rarity, gifted only to monarchs and gods. That’s the feeling we get while using Spice Islands cinnamon. There are two main varieties of cinnamon: Ceylon and cassia. While Ceylon has a milder taste, cassia cinnamon has a rich, sweeter palette, […]

What’S The Big Dill? A Spice-To-Spice Examination

  Ah, dill… Anethum graveolens. The little weed that layers a breeze of freshness and cleanliness atop delicious salmon, salads and sauces. It’s actually not a weed at all but, farmers call the wispy leaves “weed” to distinguish them from the seeds. This hardy annual has been flavoring dishes around the world for more than […]

Bay Leaf: The Hero’s Spice

Historically awarded for only “true valor,” bay leaves are a symbol of praise and nobility. They were woven into wreaths and placed upon the heads of victors and academics, and those in other positions of high honor. They bring that richness to your cooking. Despite its lavish past, this leaf is so humble that it […]