Rosemary: The Incomparable Evergreen

Rosemary During the Middle Ages, brides, grooms and guests each wore a headpiece or sprig of rosemary during the wedding ceremony. Ever since, rosemary has been viewed as a love charm — and it’s easy to see why. Used in cooking, rosemary is one of the easiest ways to elevate a meal from ordinary to […]

What’S The Big Dill? A Spice-To-Spice Examination

  Ah, dill… Anethum graveolens. The little weed that layers a breeze of freshness and cleanliness atop delicious salmon, salads and sauces. It’s actually not a weed at all but, farmers call the wispy leaves “weed” to distinguish them from the seeds. This hardy annual has been flavoring dishes around the world for more than […]

5 Ways To Usher In Spring Flavors

With the lush greenery of warm weather comes an abundance of produce that can easily be worked into recipes. Here are some cooking tricks and tips to take advantage of the season’s fresh promise. Pesto Paradise Pesto doesn’t need to consist of just basil. Rather, rely on a bounty of other fresh herbs or greens […]

8 Holiday Dishes To Pass They Can’T Pass Up

Few things are certain in life, but we all know that invitations to holiday office parties and family gatherings with requests to bring food are inevitable. Not to worry: We’ve got you covered. Choose from this selection of appetizers, sides and desserts, and provide the wow factor at any bash. Pull Apart Appetizer Ring This […]

A World Of Tacos

Bored with the same-old recipes for weeknight dinner? We’ve taken the humble taco and reimagined what taco night could be by inspiring authentic and flavorful meals. These tortillas don’t necessarily have to be filled with Mexican creations, either. Due to their handcrafted nature and expert combinations, SPICE ISLANDS® spices reimagine tacos to incorporate flavors of […]

Bay Leaf: The Hero’s Spice

Historically awarded for only “true valor,” bay leaves are a symbol of praise and nobility. They were woven into wreaths and placed upon the heads of victors and academics, and those in other positions of high honor. They bring that richness to your cooking. Despite its lavish past, this leaf is so humble that it […]

Celebrate National Tamale Day

If you have ever eaten tamales, you know the taste of pillowy, stone-ground corn mingling with delicious fillings, like spicy pulled pork in chile sauce, or melted cheese. National Tamale Day — March 23 — offers the perfect excuse to celebrate this traditional Latin American dish.  A tamale is a pocket of simple corn dough, […]