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Makes meringues stand out.

Cream of Tartar
Cream of Tartar, Ground

Tartaric acid, or cream of tartar, is the natural by-product of fermented grapes, collected from the wall of the casks used to age fine wines.

Naturally reddish-brown in color, it’s carefully refined until it achieves its signature white color, earning it the name “cream” of tartar.

Cream of tartar is a key ingredient in baking powder and adds a fluffiness and stability to egg white dishes such as meringues.

Fun Fact: Mixing cream of tartar with water creates a simple paste that can be used to clean brass and copper cookware.

Our Cream of Tartar is only cream of tartar. Spice Islands® spices and herbs don’t contain added sugar, fillers or other ingredients so you get the most authentic flavor every time.

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