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Cool and distinctive.

Mint Leaves
(mentha spicata)
Mint Leaves, Crushed

There are two major types of mint: spearmint and peppermint. Spearmint is most often used in cooking, while peppermint is preferred for flavoring sweets and breath fresheners.

Our Spice Islands® spearmint is sourced from Egypt and has a cool, mellow aroma and flavor.

Use it to cool down a fiery dish or add a spark of flavor to pasta salads and pilafs.

Fun Fact: In Greek mythology, Mintha was the daughter of a river god. She had an affair with Hades and was caught by his wife, who threw her to the ground and trampled her into pieces. From those pieces, the herb that bears her name sprouted.

Our Mint is only mint. Spice Islands® spices and herbs don’t contain added sugar, fillers or other ingredients so you get the most authentic flavor every time.

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