How to Make Orange Zest the Star of Your Spice Rack  

Ever feel like your day needs a ray of sunshine? Orange zest, the name often used for orange peel as a spice or seasoning, is your answer. Sweeter than lemon zest and packing a tangy punch, it adds a bright burst of flavor to liven up even the most lackluster of meals. 

But Spice Islands know that you can’t always have a fresh orange on hand, ready to be zested. That’s why we’ve bottled the fresh, citrus flavor of orange zest in a resealable container, ready for any moment you need it.  

Here below are just a few fun ways to give your day a dash of sunshine with Spice Islands Orange Peel.

Enliven dressings and dips

Just a pinch of orange zest can pump instant orange flavor into dips and marinades, without compromising the consistency change that would happen if you were to add orange juice. Try a dash in your morning yogurt, in a marinade for meats like pork or chicken, in cranberry sauce, or in a vinaigrette salad dressing.

Make Instagram-worthy cakes 

Who needs sprinkles when you’ve got orange zest? A smattering of orange zest and an edible flower added to a frosted cake brings a more complex sweetness to your dessert than sprinkles—and makes your dessert almost too pretty to eat.

Spruce up your drinks 

Want to make your in-home cocktails or mocktails as tasty as the ones you’d find at your local upscale bar? It’s all in the rim. Mix orange zest and fine sugar for a tangy rim for your mimosas, or pair with tajin and salt for a refreshing margarita. Delicious!

Don’t forget to add sunshine (in the form of Spice Islands Orange Peel) to your shopping list! Use our handy Where to Buy Tool to find the closest retailer to you for zesty Orange Peel from Spice Islands.