What’s the Difference Between Pure Almond Extract and Imitation? 

The distinct flavor of almond extract can elevate any kind of dish.

This is true even if you’re not an almond fan, since almond extract doesn’t quite taste like the actual nut. Instead, its fruit and slightly sweet flavor can balance out the bitterness in dark chocolate or coffee, and complement dishes with pitted fruits like peaches and cherries.

A little bit goes a long way. Even adding just a dash of almond extract to a rich, dark chocolate frosting or a sweet and summery peach pie can take your sweet treat to a whole new level.

Pure Almond Extract vs Imitation Almond Extract

Pure almond extract is made from almonds, or from the pits of stone fruits that have been cold pressed and combined with alcohol and water. Imitation almond extract, on the other hand, is made from synthetic materials made to taste like the flavor extracted from the almonds or stone fruits.

The two extracts may smell similar, however pure almond extract will have more of the intense, distinctive flavor people associate with almonds. The pure version is also loved by bakers, since it seamlessly blends its flavor into batters throughout the entire baking process.

At Spice Islands, we create only pure almond extract for your baking needs, which is made from all natural ingredients. We never add additives, allowing the pure flavor of the almond oil to shine through and enhance every dish you make. Remember to add it to your shopping list today! Find it at a store near you by using our handy Where to Buy tool.