Rosemary: The Incomparable Evergreen


During the Middle Ages, brides, grooms and guests each wore a headpiece or sprig of rosemary during the wedding ceremony. Ever since, rosemary has been viewed as a love charm — and it’s easy to see why. Used in cooking, rosemary is one of the easiest ways to elevate a meal from ordinary to worthy of adoration and celebration.

Rosemary is an unmistakable herb that is as versatile as it is distinct. The needle-like leaves have a citrus-like, peppery aroma that pairs well with nearly every kind of meat, fish and roasted vegetables. The piney flavor is both savory and sweet, making a surprising but delightful addition to infused cocktails or olive oils. 

Rosemary gets its name from the Latin “Dew of the Sea,” hearkening to its Mediterranean roots. The story of Spice Islands® Rosemary begins in the warm sun and rich soil of Spain and Morocco, where the evergreen shrub flourishes before the harvest. Once the leaves are picked, they are dried immediately to capture the pungent aroma and flavor.

Dinner Rolls

This is what sets Spice Islands® Rosemary apart — grown and nourished in the best conditions and preserved carefully. Our rosemary leaves create the foundation for countless dishes and drinks, from Pork Chops with Fennel & Rosemary and Mediterranean Dinner Rolls to Rosemary and Grapefruit Gin Cocktails.

Taylor Rebhan is a writer, at-home chef and dog lover living in Novi, Mich.