Make Winter Warmer with Cloves 

No matter what’s happening outside, every home can feel warm and cozy this winter thanks to one small but mighty ingredient: cloves. 

Cloves pack a ton of flavor into every bite. Part fruity sweetness and part pungent spice, its aroma and taste give off a feeling so warming you’ll forget that winter is raging outside. Ready to feel the warmth? Try out some of these ways to use cloves at home this winter: 

Simmer a Stew

There’s no better way to enjoy the tantalizingly pungent taste and smell of cloves than to use them in a stew that can hang out on the stove all day. Add a few of the Spice Islands Whole Cloves to a slow-cooking beef stew, a simmering curry, or a soup made from sweet and hearty veggies like carrots. The cloves will give your meal a tingly sweetness, and make your kitchen the best-smelling room in the house. 

Bake Up a Tasty Treat

If you’re not adding a bit of Spice Islands Ground Cloves to your baked goods, then you’re missing out on a layer of sweet and spicy depth. Adding a teaspoon of cloves to banana breads, pumpkin muffins, or oatmeal raisin cookies is an easy way to level up your desserts.

Elevate your Beverages

Whether your winter drink of choice is hot or cold, cloves can be a satisfying tasty addition. Do you love a hot beverage? Add a few whole cloves to your chai latte or eggnog. Is your drink as chilly as the cool outdoors? Sprinkling ground cloves over a Manhattan or a ginger ale will add the perfect warming flavor. 

Have any more ideas on how to use cloves? Let us know your favorites – we’d love to hear your thoughts! And don’t forget our Spice Islands Organic Ground Cloves while you’re here – the same remarkable, exotic taste in an organic variety.