What’S The Big Dill? A Spice-To-Spice Examination


Ah, dill… Anethum graveolens. The little weed that layers a breeze of freshness and cleanliness atop delicious salmon, salads and sauces. It’s actually not a weed at all but, farmers call the wispy leaves “weed” to distinguish them from the seeds.

This hardy annual has been flavoring dishes around the world for more than 5,000 years—and it’s no wonder. Its mild, sweet/sour flavor hints at anise and parsley but is a taste all its own. Contrary to what you may believe, all dill is not created equal. There are major differences in taste and quality on your grocer’s shelf. To demonstrate, let’s look at what separates Spice Islands® dill from ordinary dill.

Dill Plant

Spice Islands® dill is harvested during the bloom cycle… that’s how you get better-tasting meals.


Your view from the shopping cart reveals one major difference: Spice Islands® spices come in a glass screw-top bottle; ordinary spices come in a plastic snap-top bottle. Keeping your spices dry is the most important factor in prolonging the life of their flavor. Our bottles are tight-sealing and BPA-free. Ours vs. Theirs


Now the tale of quality spices is truly told. On the right is a pile of ordinary dill weed and on the left, Spice Islands® dill weed. The big thing that jumps out is the color. The Spice Islands® dill weed is a more brilliant green. See those little bits of yellow? Spice Islands® dill is harvested during the bloom cycle and the yellow blossoms deepen the flavor and deliver an amazing aroma—and that’s how you get better-tasting meals.



Dill weed brings major flavor to a number of dishes found on SpiceIslands.com like Dilly Salmon, Dilled Mac & Cheese, and Dill Batter Bread.


Jason Jakubiak writes, cooks and creates in Farmington Hills, Michigan.