What’S The Big Dill? A Spice-To-Spice Examination

  Ah, dill… Anethum graveolens. The little weed that layers a breeze of freshness and cleanliness atop delicious salmon, salads and sauces. It’s actually not a weed at all but, farmers call the wispy leaves “weed” to distinguish them from the seeds. This hardy annual has been flavoring dishes around the world for more than […]

The Farmers’ Market: A Trip To Bountiful

  With summer in full swing, a Saturday morning trip to the local farmers’ market is heaven for locavores. Ripe, red tomatoes, still warm from the sun; sweet-tart, juicy berries; abundant zucchini; crisp cucumber; and sweet, sweet summer corn — the bounty is irresistible.   Back home, unloading all that goodness in your own kitchen, […]

Spring Into Seasonal Flavors

Spring is in the air and not a moment too soon. Warmer weather and sunshine mean more time to play outside — and more fresh fruits and veggies for the table. Spice Islands® spices and seasonings give you the tools to easily make the flavors of spring blossom in your kitchen. A simple grilled main […]

Shrubs: Sweet, Sour And Ready For Summer Cocktails

Shrubs, or drinking vinegars, are sweet and sour, fruit-based syrups that were all the rage in Colonial times. Preserving fruit in a blend of vinegar and sugar began as a shelf-stable way to incorporate fresh fruit flavors into drinks that could be enjoyed year-round. Today, history buff-mixologists are embracing the shrub as an infinitely versatile […]

Rosemary: The Incomparable Evergreen

Rosemary During the Middle Ages, brides, grooms and guests each wore a headpiece or sprig of rosemary during the wedding ceremony. Ever since, rosemary has been viewed as a love charm — and it’s easy to see why. Used in cooking, rosemary is one of the easiest ways to elevate a meal from ordinary to […]

Easter: Ham Or Lamb?

Not to be outdone by Thanksgiving and Christmas, Easter has its own set of traditional feast foods associated with the holiday. Eggs, chocolate and a celebratory roast of lamb or ham traditionally grace the table for the springtime celebration.  Lamb is loaded with religious symbolism, and is plentiful and in season after the long winter […]

Ramen Is All The Rage

Today’s ramen is a far cry from the packaged noodles of your college days. Plenty of top-notch restaurants have a line of people eagerly anticipating a slurp. Why not bypass the wait list and use Spice Islands® spices to create your own homemade version? Not only is it easy, but it can be catered to […]

Premium Salts

Savory, aromatic and distinctive, this Salt is an exquisite gourmet blend of Italian black truffles and sea salt. Use as a finishing salt to add a super-premium delight to your potatoes or pasta dishes. A fusion of complex, rich red wine and sea salt. This gourmet salt is a flawless addition to any recipe. Made […]

Pho: Vietnamese Soup For Morning, Noon Or Night

Eggs, bacon, pancakes and cereal might be what comes to mind when you think about a traditional breakfast. In Vietnam, however, the day begins with bright and nourishing pho — bowls of broth, a tangle of rice noodles and an accompanying plate of fresh bean sprouts, slices of lime and jalapeno, purple basil, scallions and […]

Pair Country Music Awards With Winning Dishes

Hey, good lookin’, whatcha got cookin’? How’s about cooking something up for this year’s Academy of Country Music Awards? You can explore some of the greatest hits of Southern cuisine, while sampling this year’s awards-worthy playlist.  Whether you’re hosting a viewing party or just looking for down-home dishes to cook while you duet with your […]