Homemade Pizza Makes For A Winning Game Night

Who says you need to go out for pizza? Stay in tonight, invite friends over for a game night, and show off a variety of pizza types. From an homage to Asian ingredients to a vegetarian pizza with a hummus base to dessert pizza, there’s something savory and sweet for everyone to enjoy.  Philly Cheese […]

Explore Israel’s Flavors For Independence Day

Each spring, the people of Israel celebrate the country’s establishment as a sovereign state and Jewish homeland. On May 14, 1948, Israel declared its independence under the leadership of David Ben-Gurion.  Israel Independence Day, or Yom Ha’atzmaut, might not be as well-known to Americans as Jewish holidays like Passover or Hanukkah — and the symbolism […]

Enhance Your Holiday Meal

Whether your table is set for two or twenty your holiday dinner can be a bountiful feast filled with robust aromas and premium flavor. From the main course to sides and desserts, Spice Islands® spices and seasonings are the secret to authentic, exceptional tasting meals. Just be ready to be asked to host the holidays […]

5 Ways To Usher In Spring Flavors

With the lush greenery of warm weather comes an abundance of produce that can easily be worked into recipes. Here are some cooking tricks and tips to take advantage of the season’s fresh promise. Pesto Paradise Pesto doesn’t need to consist of just basil. Rather, rely on a bounty of other fresh herbs or greens […]

Do The Hokey Poké, Hawaiian Style

Epic sunsets, swaying palms, rainbows, tropical beaches, sweet and juicy pineapple for everyone —these are some of the hallmarks of life in Hawaii. Even if you’re stuck on the mainland, you can hasten the balmy days of summer by trying your hand at Hawaii’s hottest of-the-moment dish: poké, a fresh, chopped, uncooked seafood salad with […]

Cuisine On Tour: The Philippines

From lumpia to halo-halo, Filipino cuisine is on the hot list of emerging ethnic flavors. Exotic and enticing, the food of the Philippines is similar to that of its Thai and Vietnamese neighbors, but is inflected with influences ranging from Spanish to Malaysian to Indian. Colonizers from Spain brought produce such as chiles, potatoes, corn […]

Create Your Own Fiesta For Cinco De Mayo

If it weren’t for Cinco de Mayo, French might be Mexico’s official language. Although sometimes mistaken for Mexico’s National Independence Day — which is actually September 16 — the May 5th holiday commemorates the bravery of a ragtag group of Mexican militia in a battle against the invading French army. A proud celebration of Mexican […]

Cook Once, Feast All Season Long

A smart cook knows holiday leftovers are lifesavers on the day after the feast, but a true kitchen genius has an eye on new and exciting dinners through the new year. Preparing for the big feast is a big job, but with a little forethought, planning and the help of Spice Islands® premium spices, those […]

Celebrate National Tamale Day

If you have ever eaten tamales, you know the taste of pillowy, stone-ground corn mingling with delicious fillings, like spicy pulled pork in chile sauce, or melted cheese. National Tamale Day — March 23 — offers the perfect excuse to celebrate this traditional Latin American dish.  A tamale is a pocket of simple corn dough, […]

Bay Leaf: The Hero’s Spice

Historically awarded for only “true valor,” bay leaves are a symbol of praise and nobility. They were woven into wreaths and placed upon the heads of victors and academics, and those in other positions of high honor. They bring that richness to your cooking. Despite its lavish past, this leaf is so humble that it […]